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Thanks to Florida Supercon!

Hey there Smoking Mirror Fans!

Laura, Elyse, Enrique - Florida Supercon 2017

Laura, Elyse, Enrique - Florida Supercon 2017

We just finished our post-con coma’s after Supercon and we have to say we had a blast! There was just so much to do this weekend and the Smoking Mirror crew kept busy. We even managed to make it to a couple of the Karaoke events. (And Enrique had a blast getting his George Washington on in the Hamilton Sing Along Panel.)  Now that the pictures have been sorted, the autographs framed, the swag displayed and the Tayaki eaten, we wanted to make sure we thanked those people who made our Supercon weekend such a blast. 

First we wanted to say a big thank you to Mike Broder and his amazing crew for putting together this convention. We saw you guys trying to be sneaky and work behind the scenes to make every moment of this weekend a great one and wanted to let you know that you guys are appreciated for what you do. 

Next we wanted to say thank you to Elyse Reyes. We had a great time on her American Gods: Mythology in Writing panel and her Novel Writing: Get Your Draft Done in 30 Days Panels! We had a lot of fun meeting all of you who attended and hope we answered all your questions. And hanging out with Elyse this con was a load of fun, if you guys haven’t bought her book yet we highly recommend it. We also wanted to say thank you to Chris Weston, who was a fellow guest on those panels and who gave some really good advice. 

Anyways we hope to see you guys at the next event we do which we will announce here as soon as we have the details worked out! Stay creative and keep on dreaming!