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#SMPShortStoryChallenge - ALL THE PROMPTS

I f you follow us on twitter (which if you haven't, you should!), you would have noticed that for the month of May, AKA National Short Story Month, that were tweeting #SMPShortStoryChallenge. 


What is the #SMPShortStoryChallenge? We made it our mission to give you guys as many short story prompts as we (reasonably) could in order to help you birth your next creative endeavor. 

Well, May has come and gone, but that doesn't mean you have to stop writing. So we've collected all our prompts here! For you to use as you like! If you write, post or publish something based on one of these free-to-use prompts, let us know! Tag us or #SMPShortStoryChallenge! We'd love to share it on our twitter, instagram or facebook.

Happy Writing Guys! Go forth and build the incredible!


One day, people wake up to find they can hear the thoughts of animals around them. What happens?

A character finds a magical object that will grant one wish, for a sacrifice. What are the stakes? What happens?

A bug is accidentally turned human. How did it happen? What type of bug? What happens next?

Your phone becomes sentient. Write a first person POV story (yours or the phone's) about what happens.

Two characters wake up after crash landing on a deserted planet. Neither can remember anything that happened. There is a body, stabbed in the cock-pit of the space ship. What happens? What happened?

Childhood friends meet for dinner, but one has a terrible secret eating away at them. What Happens? Will they reveal the secret? What is it? 

A character lost at sea believes they have befriended a mermaid. WHAT happens? Is it really a mermaid?

A strange disease gives children the ability to see ghosts. What happens?

There is a bench in the middle of a dark street where a man in a green bowler hat goes & sits every night at 9PM sharp without fail. Why is that? Who is he? What is he doing there?

A character begins to see their reflection everywhere, but the reflection is doing opposite actions of the character. How did that happen? 

A child is found abandoned near a streetlight. What happens? What happened? 

A witch makes you gather the ingredients for a soup. What are they? What happens when she makes the soup?

An isolated society on another planet with little technology suddenly comes to possess a cell phone. What happens?

In a small town in the desert, whenever a thunderstorm comes it changes one important thing. A storm is brewing in the distance. What changes? What happens? 

Something strange appears at the doorstep of the abandoned house down the street. What is it? Or... Who is it?

Pick a mythical creature. Now what would that mythical creature's day job be if they had one in a modern setting.