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The Pandoran Artifacts


It all started with a deck of tarot cards from a dark world beyond.  A poisonous gift, given to mankind to tempt us and see if we can resist the call of corruption. This book is a collection interwoven short stories. Dare you open the box and let loose the Pandoran Artifacts?

By E. Bedlam

Splitting Seams Series Issue 1- Sewn Together

Illustrated by Mary O'Neill


What are the consequences when two girls are sewn together to save their lives? What happens when they begin to fall apart? The beginning of the fairy-tale inspired series starts here! 


By Laura Diaz de Arce

Victims of the Indigo project

The executives of Lucien Psychotropic and Pharmaceuticals have decided that the next giant leap for man is not in space, but within themselves. Meet the brilliant, amoral minds behind the experiments and observe the horrific experiences of criminals and volunteers selected. Meet the Victims of the Indigo Project.

By X. Rödhamr

Splitting seams series issue 2- A thread to guide

Illustrated by Mary O'Neill

Iris' body is on the verge of collapse and now must seek new magic to make herself whole. 


By Laura Diaz de Arce

They Died in that fire - SPoken InVerse Vol.1

A collection of poetry written over several years, X. Rödhamr compiles his traditional and more experimental works in the first volume of Spoken InVerse. With prevalent themes of stagnation, re-invigoration, and rebirth, this collection will inspire you to shuck Fate and don a new mantle of your own making.

By Xerves Rödhamr

Midnight Whispers 2017


Prepare yourself for thrills and chills that will no doubt fulfill your thirst for the strange and unusual. Smoking Mirror Press is proud to present this year's anthology, featuring eleven(?) works of horror that are sure to keep you up at night. Join Smoking Mirror's own Enrique Bedlam, Laura Diaz de Arce, and guest writer Helix Valentine for their spine-tingling musings in this year's edition of Midnight Whispers. And remember, they're only stories...

By Enrique Bedlam, Laura Diaz de Arce, Helix Valentine